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Travel and

If you have never been to India, it is a cliché but it is different from anywhere else. The crowds, the colour, the temperatures, the air, the noise,  will all hit you - if you arrive at the wrong moment so will the rain or the humidity or the heat.. Airports have improved in the last few years (particularly the big international arrivals halls in places like Bangalore and New Delhi) - but be prepared for the numbers, the walls of people greeting the arrivals with pickups from  hotels, companies and families, the mad cap traffic and the often alarming roads..

Lots of flights into India from the UK arrive in the middle of the night ... take this into account, invest in a relaxing first day when you arrive, get to know the place slightly.

There are many direct flights from London and prices seem reasonably competitive - but it is worth shopping around.


Internal flights in India have seen a massive growth in the last few years (since the skies were opened up). Carriers like Kingfisher, Indigo, Jet, Indian Airlines, Deccan run well priced, efficient and  generally excellent quality flights from one city to another across the vast network of Indian cities. There are very competitive, frequent and it is again worth shopping around. On the whole our feelings were that Kingfisher offer the best experience on the flight and Indigo were the most efficient - but you hear different stories when you talk to different people.

Do not think of driving in India - get a car and a driver from the hotel (or possibly the company you are visiting) and rely on them to get  you over the pot holes, through the traffic, around the tuk-tuks (the three wheeled auto rickshaws) and past the pedestrians. Do not be surprised to be met at the airport by the person you will meet with the next day, possibly for a meal.  Building personal relationships, as we talk about elsewhere on  the site, is central to building business relationships.

For advice on travel see the FCO website - click here


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How would your organisation deal with disaster?

Flood, fire, terrorism, power disruptions, IT failure ..... etc. Would your people know what to do?

Do you have robust plans, that are easily understood and implemented.

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